Even though the web hosting service is essentially storing your files on a web server, there are many attributes which you could use for your site so as to control your internet presence much better. Using an .htaccess file for instance, you can create password protection folders, forward the traffic from one site to a different one, block or permit access to a site based on the IP of the website visitors, and so forth. This type of functions could be set up by hand, but if you have no experience or you simply want to save some time and efforts, you can use the innovative tools that we have provided as part of our Hepsia CP. They shall permit you to do not only the aforementioned things without difficulty, but also many more tasks and some of these tools do not have any match in rival Control Panels.

Advanced Tools in Cloud Website Hosting

Because all cloud website hosting plans feature the Hepsia CP, you shall be able to take advantage of our sophisticated tools irrespective of the plan you pick and through the same intuitive interface which Hepsia comes with. All tools are very easy to use, so the features that they'll permit you to utilize shall not take more than a couple of clicks. With the .htaccess generator you shall be able to set up language redirection, limit the access to your Internet site from specific referrers or enable PHP code inside HTML files. The IP Blocking tool shall permit you to stop the access to your Internet sites based on the IP address of the website visitors, while the Outgoing Connections manager shall allow you to restrict what remote servers your Internet sites can connect to. The tools in Hepsia also include Hotlink Protection, Password Protection, Sitemap Generator and other practical tools which will allow you to use sophisticated options without any coding skills or previous experience needed since they are all maintained from the easy-to-use Hepsia interface.